Ballet Wyoming Performance Ensemble Auditions

Ballet Wyoming is pleased to announce an audition opportunity to add to our ensemble of male and female dancers to participate in classical and contemporary performance opportunities.


Ballet Wyoming looks forward to providing our Wyoming dancers with exceptional opportunities to work with internationally renowned choreographers and have outstanding performance opportunities. Through these opportunities, dancers will hone their technical, choreographic, performance, audition, and stage presence skills in a versatile manner.  Repertoire performed will be a diverse, multicultural blend of classical ballet, contemporary, modern, hip-hop and African influence.


Each work will be cast individually as the opportunity arises.  Once in the ensemble, dancers will be handpicked for performances based on age and ability level and will receive an invitation to participate.  At that time, details and time obligations will be lined out and a firm commitment made. 


If invited to perform, artists should be prepared to participate in any and all concurrent master classes and company classes within the production time frame.